• Evolution of international law firms in Southeast Asia

    According to a report by Beaton and Chin from Beaton Capital, the Asian law industry and legal services are facing a rapid change of pace for many law firms. This has been a result of the need to adapt to globalisation, improve the overall services, modernize knowledge and most importantly modify organization to a newer […]

  • Inside a law company: core values and management

    A group can only be considered stable if they are established enough to maintain their daily operations while upholding the mission that defined their vision throughout their existence. This is a solid truth to every business organization or group that went through years of hardships that test their core. And as a business entity, a […]

  • Assistance on business dispute resolution by a law firm in Thailand

    Whether you are a foreign investor or a Thai national doing business in Thailand, you are likely to face difficulties along the way, that involve other entities, and may result into a legal dispute. To prevent such cases from blowing into a huge problem, you must take legal counsel from a law firm in Thailand. […]

  • A guide to contract law for foreign workers in Thailand

    Under the Alien Employment Act, a foreigner who plans to work in Thailand must secure a work permit through the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor. However, some foreigners may not be required for those by the government if they meet the preconditions of exemption. List of requirements before a foreigner can freely work in […]

  • Expanding your trade network with an attorney at law in Thailand

    You are a foreign investor and you have found yourself running a company in the heart of Bangkok. Things are running smoothly and everything is going as you originally had in mind. But somehow, you stumble across setbacks and problems on your operations involving Thailand’s legal frameworks and other Thai entities that may hinder your […]

  • How to choose a law firm for your business

    If you want to establish your business, you will certainly need access to legal expertise. Whatever kind of industry or business you’ll be in, whether it’s a department store, a food chain, or even a small boutique, you will need legal services from a lawyer or a law company to help and guide you through […]

  • Perks of Offshore Companies

    There are several advantages in creating an offshore company, since most of the regulations that govern them are laid-back and can be easily addressed by the company itself. The creation and registration of an offshore company is also stress-free, differently than forming a firm within a country under the statements of its corporate law and […]

  • Which sector is best to invest in Vietnam?

    The history of business investment in Vietnam may not be prominent in the international scene but it has shown a considerable growth in recent years. The issues of its economy have slowed down the overall development of businesses across the country. For now, the growth of Vietnam’s economy seems to come as a surprise for […]

  • A Guide For Thai Companies on Corporate Law

    With Thailand’s continuous economic growth and advancements in its groundwork and system as a whole, the rise of many new companies can be observed. These can be related to the strong support given by the Thailand Government and the potent labour force of the country. It is of utmost importance to seek legal advice and avail of […]

  • Reasons To Always Work With The Same Law Company

    Hiring the same law company or law firm in Bangkok to manage a corporation’s legal needs is a question that troubles business entities for most of their presence in their respective markets. But is hiring the same law company beneficial or at least even helpful for your business? There are various points to consider when […]