Assistance on business dispute resolution by a law firm in Thailand

Whether you are a foreign investor or a Thai national doing business in Thailand, you are likely to face difficulties along the way, that involve other entities, and may result into a legal dispute.

To prevent such cases from blowing into a huge problem, you must take legal counsel from a law firm in Thailand. These have the ample knowledge and skills to guide you in conflicts concerning international law and Thai business laws.

Aside from taking too much of your time, dispute resolution may require a deeper pool of your financial resources. These cases may affect your relationship with the involved party. Be it a trade partner, opposing business, your employee or cases related to the government, you are likely going to have a hard time fixing it without the help of a law firm.

Business dispute resolution by a law firm in Thailand

Many businesses have come to law companies regarding their own disputes. Some of the most common cases where dispute may arise are the below:


Trade debt disputes

This is a common problem that businesses usually face especially in the manufacturing and retail sector; even law firms in Thailand receive several of these concerns. There are instances where customers failed or do not pay for the services or products carried by a company or a small enterprise. Normally, the company will take action against the customer, demand payment and recover lost assets.


Dispute between parties

You start a shop with your business partners and you plan together the outline and how your business will be run. But along the way, even though the relationship you’ve build together, disputes relating to your shop occurred and it cannot be settled down with any simple talk. To avoid further damage into your business, conflict of interests must be solved quickly and settlements must be made.


Employer-employee disputes

It’s another common problem businesses usually face. This may happen when an employee did not follow the agreement made in the contract, company assets had been used without authorization, or termination. Take immediate action by getting in contact with a law firm in Thailand to employ the right steps in effectively resolving the dispute before it arises and affect the company departments.


Tax disputes

If you are running a big business, take your tax disputes to a law firm to handle them without problems. You do not want to be on the receiving end after the whole mess happens. Having trouble with the tax authorities must be treated with utmost care with the right lawyers in Thailand. They will ensure that the steps you will make are in accordance to the law.

There are more kinds of legal disputes that usually happen when you are handling a business. Remember that if arguments arise, Thai courts are the best venue to settle disputes. Or you can ask your lawyer to take alternative dispute resolution methods.

SBC Interlaw’s long history in Thailand can assist your business with any disputes involving your business partner or a deal gone awry. Our law firm gathers experience and skills enough to provide you with full legal services and coverage in dispute resolution, litigation and international and Asian laws. If you would like to know how SBC’s Thailand lawyers can be of service to you, contact our law firm in Thailand.

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