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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

SBC realizes that running a successful operation requires the ability to quickly and competently resolve all types of disputes, especially litigation. Being knowledgeable in both domestic and international methods of dispute resolution allows our dispute and litigation team to solve our clients’ problems with an unparalleled level of efficiency.

Our role is to work with our clients to identify the key issues and provide the practical legal perspectives and solutions.


Litigation in Thailand

At SBC Law, we understand that a range of considerations have to be taken into account – including time, cost, reputation, industry and jurisdictional knowledge. It is important for you to be represented by experienced lawyers who are determined to fight for your cause.
We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and adopt a strategic and cost-effective approach to resolve any case. We are committed to serve in your best interests, meeting your objectives and determining the most favourable solution for you.

We advise clients on the strengths and weaknesses of their position, and assess the options at each stage of the litigation cycle, to enhance the prospects of a favourable outcome. Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses extends beyond legal, financial and jurisdictional issues, to include commercial and intangible considerations such as reputation or business connections.

Legal options may include settling a case, going to court or arbitration, or adopting some form of alternative dispute resolution.

Our specialized areas include:

  • Civil and Criminal Litigation including International Trade, IP and Taxation
  • Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy
  • Labour and Employment, Construction, Transportation
  • Real Estate and Property
  • Arbitration and ADR