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Offshore Companies and Banking

We offer advice on offshore company, offshore tax planning

With appropriate advice from SBC’s legal team, an Offshore company (sometimes also referred to as a Tax Exempt company or International Business company) can afford many significant and legal tax savings throughout the world, provide you and your company with a competitive advantage, afford confidentiality/security and perhaps even save on future inheritance taxes.

However, as the exact benefits that are available to you and your company will depend greatly on nationality, location and other such factors,  it is always recommended that you first seek appropriate professional advice from SBC before registering your company.

At SBC Law, we provide a comprehensive range of offshore company incorporation services to support our clients business objectives. Whether the purpose is for an offshore trust company, an offshore shelf company or general offshore investment, our consultants provide tailored solutions to meet client needs.

Opening a corporate bank account to support their offshore company is a common service provided to clients. Our firm works with some of the world’s leading international retail banks such as HSBC, Standard Chartered and ANZ. These banks provide world-class multi-currency and internet banking facilities to operate your offshore banking account


Key Benefits

  • Exemption of all local taxes
  • No tax or reporting responsibilities. This means you save money not only from the absence of corporate taxes, but also from reduced compliance and other regulatory costs.
  • Confidentiality & Privacy in asset protection and wealth distribution
  • Offshore Companies offer complete privacy. If the company shares are held by a Trust, the ownership is legally vested in the trustee, thus gaining the potential for even greater tax planning advantages
  • Conduct business as an international entity
  • Conduct any legal business activities – so long as these are not done in the country of registration
  • Allow employment or consultancy fees to accumulate in a low tax haven
  • Offshore corporations can contract the services of professionals to employers resident in high tax locations or politically unstable areas
  • Protect investments in other foreign countries
  • Offshore Companies can loan funds to corporations in other foreign countries
  • Maximise profits from intellectual property rights, franchising and licensing
  • An offshore company can franchise or license intellectual property rights in other foreign countries allowing the profits to accumulate in a tax free environment.
  • Simplify the transfer of assets and properties held in several countries
  • Protect assets
  • In combination with a Trust or Foundation, an Offshore company can avoid high levels of income, capital and death taxes that would otherwise be payable if the assets were held directly.

    In short, offshore companies are usually used for :

  • Offshore holding company
  • Offshore finance company
  • Offshore licensing company
  • Offshore trading or re-invoicing company
  • Offshore real estate company
  • Offshore company for securities dealing
  • Offshore mutual fund company
  • Offshore shipping company
  • Private trustee company



Currently, SBC Law and its overseas associates offer incorporation services of an offshore company in more than 10 different jurisdictions including

  • Belize
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Brunei
  • Hong Kong
  • Labuan
  • Panama
  • Samoa
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • United States, Delaware