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SBC handles both contentious and non-contentious work in the field of copyright, designs, patents and trademarks (IP), as well as rights in confidential information.

Our IP team has extensive experience of handling all kinds of IP related disputes and of advising on IP protection and exploitation. Our clients include all sorts of media and entertainment companies, IT companies, engineering design companies, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies; and bio-technology companies. Our scope of work includes:


Patents, Petty Patents, and Designs

Patent and Design Searches, Registration and Prosecution of Patents, Petty Patents, and Designs in Thailand, Recordal of Changes, Annuity Payments, Oppositions, Cancellations, Registration of Patent License Agreements



Mark Searches, Registration and Prosecution of Marks in Thailand, Recordal of Changes, Oppositions, Cancellations, Renewals, Registration of Trademark/Service Mark License Agreements


Intellectual property enforcement

Searches for Infringement, Inventor Search, Audits to Identify and Protect IP Assets including Trade Secrets, Advice to Avoid Disputes when Terminating Dealers/Distributors, Consents and Assignments for IP Created by Employees/Contractors (Work for Hire)


Litigation (Criminal and Civil) and Arbitration

Infringements, Validity and/or Other Commercial Disputes involving Intellectual Property Assets


Intellectual Property Licensing and Contracts

Franchising Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Distributorship Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements; Valuation of Intellectual Property Assets and Due Diligence



Subsistence, Filing, Recording, Foreign Registration and Filing, Enforcement