• Merger & Acquisition of Private Companies in Thailand

    Despite Thailand’s troubled democracy, Thailand has continued to be bustling with merger and acquisition (“M&A”) activity during the past years, ranging from inbound, outbound to domestic M&A transactions. The latest notable one is the acquisition by Thai-based TCC Group (acting through Berli Jucker PLC) of a 58.56% stake in Big C Supercenter from French-based Casino […]

  • Offshore Companies Doing Business in Thailand: 4 Key Benefits

    “Digitization often lowers entry barriers, causing long-established boundaries between sectors to tumble” This statement taken from an article of McKinsey & Company reflects the way in which business around the world is being, and will be, conducted. The same is true for physically engaging in businesses across countries. In this era of digital business, doing […]

  • Managing Wealth through Last Wills in Thailand

    Thailand has been ranked very recently by BBC as one of the best seven countries in the world to retire. Many foreign retirees open bank accounts for their daily spending and buy condominiums for their living in Thailand. If you are among those retirees owning such assets in Thailand, it is advisable that you plan […]

  • Misconceptions about Offshore Companies

    Setting up your business as an offshore company may bring in several advantages. Laws and regulation from any country are not as strict as they can be for local businesses or even international companies. Offshore companies also can address their concerns by themselves as long as the company itself understands the due process and the […]

  • Benefits of Hiring A Law Firm in Bangkok for International Business

    With the countless number of business concerns every entrepreneur or company faces, there is always a business lawyer or law firm supporting its decisions along the way. From small to large businesses, they hire experienced lawyers to guide them in facing serious legal problems ranging from various business related concerns. There are many law firms […]

  • Arbitration: An Efficient Approach to Dispute Resolution in Thailand

    The growing economy across Asian countries has created a number of opportunities for businesses to invest in various industries. With this growth, Thailand has experienced a foreseeable increase in the number of endeavours both in public and private entities. However, with every joint venture, problems and controversies arise in certain processes and transactions. Most of […]

  • Thailand’s Amended Intellectual Property Law Effect to Business

    In the past years, counterfeited goods are rampant across Thailand. The Thai Copyright Act BE 2537 had been unchanged since its creation and implementation, resulting into numerous and largescale piracy and imitation of goods. Businesses from different industries were hurt significantly by these activities, citing the lack of action and countermeasures taken by the authorities […]

  • Attorney at law services for Human Resources Management

    Every business, be it a small one or a big corporation, is bound to the law of the land and to practice the right business ethics. This may be for several reasons, but all in all, it is to maintain a peaceful environment for both the management and its employees, and making sure the business […]

  • Legal services for business wealth management

    In a business, wealth management involves supervising an organisation’s situation and needs concerning finances. It isn’t just about solving the entire financial problems but also about proper handling of an organization’s financial plan. Even in the commercial industry, finance professionals have a hard time putting wealth management into a simpler perspective for clients to understand. […]