• International Law Landscape: Indochina Region

    The Indochina region today is becoming a spot for large potential investments and growing business. The traditions, history and culture can never be compared and continue to attract people from all over the globe. The countries within Indochina allow foreigners to access its lands and enjoy its lush sceneries. In the past, the region had […]

  • Rules and Documents for Registration: Partnerships & Limited Companies

    Order of Office of the Central Partnerships and Companies Registration No. 66, issued in 2015 To make the Registration and Capital Increase of Partnerships and Limited Companies with high capital accurate according to the facts as request for the Registration By virtue of the provisions of Section 3, Paragraph Three of the Ministerial Regulation of […]

  • Registration and Capital Increase of Partnerships and Limited Companies

    The Guideline for the Registration and Capital Increase of Partnerships and Limited Companies that have the Registered Capital of or Registered Capital is increased to more than Five Million Baht As Order of Office of the Central Partnerships and Companies Registration No. 66, issued in 2015, signed on 24 March 2015 1. The Registration and Capital […]

  • From Singapore To Thailand: A Property Investment Guide

    Singapore based investors’ eyes are still fixed at Thailand, remaining as a favourite spot to establish or expand their businesses. In most types of investments, one must choose the most profitable and best option, and in property investment, the best property to invest in. As for countries to choose for a good property investment, Thailand […]

  • Kinds Of Visa For Thailand And How To Apply

    A visa is required for every foreign citizen who wants to go into Thailand through the Royal Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate-General. For foreign investors, additional steps must be done to get a visa. The Kingdom of Thailand offers several types of visa as follows: Tourist Visa A tourist visa grants 60-day stay in Thailand […]

  • Legal Counsel On Thailand’s Intellectual Property Rights

    According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), intellectual property (IP) refers to creations such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; symbols, names and images used in commerce. IP is protected by the law in the form of patents, copyright and trademarks, which give people the recognition and benefit from their inventions and creations. […]

  • Vietnam Investment Review: Ups and Downs of Vietnam’s Market

    The past several years, the real estate market of Vietnam has been trying to recover from a terrible period it had undergone. Looking at several Vietnam investment reviews, the market have shown to attract notice and turning investors’ eyes from next-door countries and other international firms to its lands once again. Individuals, with a high […]

  • Business in Cambodia: Bustling Economic Growth

    The unprecedented growth of Cambodia’s economy in the last several years can be attributed to a lot of factors. In 2014, the Ministry of Commerce registered a number of nearly 4,000 businesses within the country. This shows a significant increase, with over 29% since 2014. Over 513,759 non-street businesses in Cambodia are listed by 2014, […]

  • Know-How on Thailand’s Business Law: How to Form a Business in Thailand

    Over the past years, several investors are coming to Thailand due to the exceptional growth of Thailand’s economy. This is to address the country’s increasing demands in the different markets in the economy and, of course, hoping that investments return with the most gains. Improved policies and regulations that are geared towards liberalization and free […]

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in Thailand: A Getting Around Mechanism for Investors

    As more foreign investments and new businesses come into Thailand, the number of litigation cases observed by Thailand judiciary quickly increased. Thai courts resolving these cases require more time, resulting in backlogs for the courts. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has become a popular case management mechanism in dispute resolution in Thailand. It is preferred as […]